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I work in Galloway, between the hills, rivers, and coastline. Seams of clay run through the local topography, forming links to shared local history through the sites of old brickworks. Part of my work is combing the seashore and riverbed for old bricks and shards of folk pottery: inspired by these, along with the local landscape, I aim to make pots that are utilitarian in nature, unapologetically accessible, and which are defined by a sense of vitality. I am testing local clays to develop a new expression, specific to myself and relevant for a modern audience, but one which takes its definition from the legacy of the old pots I collect. I make both functional ware and statement pieces. My aim is always to develop and create a continuing body of work in which every process is carried out with enough fluidity that each piece shows evidence of its making.

E: byjoshuawilliams@gmail.com

W: www.byjoshuawilliams.com


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