Caleb Kullman Studio

Metal and Silver

I work primarily with iron and steel, utilizing the traditional forging techniques of blacksmithing, coupled with modern machining, fabrication and digital design. The basic methods I use to work directly with hot steel heating it to temperatures that render it soft, malleable, and plastic, and shaping it using a hammer and anvil - haven't changed substantially for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Modern industrial equipment in my studio like pneumatic forging hammers and hydraulic presses have augmented these basic processes, and I am able to leverage technology to manipulate the material more effectively, opening doors to creative exploration and expression. The operations of forging - the heating, hammering, pressing, bending, and forming - are evident in the richly layered textures and remnant marks left upon my work at every step, revealing the determined and focused forces exerted in the creation of each piece.




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Craft Festival, Unit C, Kach Business Park, Bovey Tracey, TQ13 9TZ

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